Are People With Degree Smarter?

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When you hear the word “smart,” what comes to your mind? I guess you will think a smart person as someone who is highly intelligent and probably scores a high grade or excels academically. 

But some people believe that smartness is determined by genes, while others think it is something that can be developed throughout one’s life.

However, there is no denying the fact that intelligence can be inherited. Some kids display a high level of intellect or smartness right from the moment you interact with them. Such kids inherited high IQ from their biological parents. 

So are people with degrees actually smarter? Experts from PaperWritten stated that there is no wrong or right way to answer this question. This is because being smart goes much deeper than just having a degree. However, people with a college degree are not more intelligent. 

You must have heard when people say that guy is book smart, but he is not street smart. That goes to show how diverse the word is. However, this article is not just to tell whether people with a college degree are smart or not. But it is also meant to throw more light on the meaning of smartness. 

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a smart person is someone who thinks quickly and intellectually in any given situation. The keyword here is any situation. 

So What Exactly Makes a Person Smart? 

A Smart person “means a lot of different things to different people.

It is usually understood that a smart person has neurons that shoot at a much faster rate than the average person. Below are some tips to tell you who a smart person is. 

  • They are always curious.
  • They read at least one book a week.
  • They are excited to learn new information.
  • A smart person knows how to speed read. 
  • They memorized positive affirmations that remind them of their ability to think quickly.
  • They trust their instincts – don’t think too many ideas.
  • They know how to improvise or think on their feet.
  • They never resist yawning, the brain wants that extra oxygen.
  • They love to play games that require strategic thinking such as chess, monopoly, scrabble, puzzles games, and many others 

Why Are People with College Degrees are not Smarter? 

A significant number of people with a college degree are smart. This is because college exposes them to the knowledge that enables them to think on their feet and proffer relevant solutions. But then this does not mean because you have a college or university degree, then you are smarter than every other person.

Also, because you an expert in a particular field, it does not make you the go-to person for every problem. Some people do not possess a college degree but can solve complex problems. How many times have we witnessed people that were considered as not too intelligent in school, go on to become successful. 

Furthermore, we have heard of great inventors, scientists, and business people that did not attend colleges. For example, Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and Mark Zuckerberg are among the wealthiest people in the world today. But they were school dropout from Harvard University. 

This goes to prove that although it helps to have a college degree, it does not make you smarter than everyone out there. There are still a lot of people without degrees who are breaking boundaries in their different endeavors. 


Intelligence is a broad spectrum that can accommodate different kinds of intellectuals. Even though you are street smart or book smart, you are still intelligent. Also, it is ill-advised to say that university graduates are smarter because people are unique in their way.


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