Rolling Stocks Market Size, Share – Global Industry Report, 2018 to 2027

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Study on the Rolling Stocks Market

The market study on the Rolling Stocks Market published by FMR highlights the essential parameters that are expected to shape the growth of the Rolling Stocks Market in the upcoming years. The report maps the trajectory of the Rolling Stocks Market by taking into account historical data for the forecast period 2018 to 2027.

The presented study evaluates the different factors that are likely to influence the dynamics of the Rolling Stocks Market including the current trends and recent developments on the technological front. In addition, the micro and macro-economic factors that are likely to impact the growth of the Rolling Stocks Market during the assessment period are assessed in detail.

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Critical insights enclosed in the report:

  • Country-wise assessment of the Rolling Stocks Market
  • Underlying opportunities for emerging players in the Rolling Stocks Market
  • Y-o-Y growth projection of the different segments and sub-segments of the Rolling Stocks Market
  • SWOT and Porter’s Five Forces analysis to provide a clear understanding of the various companies in the Rolling Stocks Market
  • Key strategies, product line, and market position of the established players in the Rolling Stocks Market

The report aims to provide answers to the following questions related to the Rolling Stocks Market:

  • Which product is expected to witness the highest adoption rate across various geographies?
  • What are the organic and inorganic strategies adopted by market players in the Rolling Stocks Market?
  • What are the current trends that are impacting the growth of the Rolling Stocks Market?
  • Who are the leading companies operating in the Rolling Stocks Market?
  • What are the marketing strategies adopted by key players to improve their sales and standing in the market?

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Rolling Stocks Marketplace Shows Heavy Consolidation

The rolling stock market remains highly clustered among can  top 5 players – CRRC Corporation Limited, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom Transport, GE Transportation and Siemens, who hold significant revenue share of the market.

Competition remains intense in the rolling stocks market, with CRRC Corporation at the forefront, which continues to face a fierce competition from Bombardier and GE. Additionally, J-TREC. Alstom, Siemens, Kawasaki Heavy Industries and PESA are other leading contenders who are engaged in product innovation and expansion of their product portfolio.

Predictive Maintenance to Consistently Improve Rolling Stock Asset Management

Investments in rolling stock are highly cost-intensive, and the lifecycle value of these infrastructures is one to two years. Repair and maintenance services provided by rolling stock manufacturers are aimed at optimizing and increasing the average age of rolling stocks. Incorporation of predictive maintenance has changed the course of rolling stock asset management wherein connected technologies, remote monitoring, digital analysis, and big data analytics have paved new ways in the traditional business model for services in rolling stocks market.Future forecast of the new rolling stock sales seems to stabilize as investors seek more cost and return-oriented from rolling stock OEMs. Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance services have helped OEMs to optimize their value propositions thereby strengthening the repair and maintenance services in the rolling stock landscape.

Passenger Coach Rolling Stocks to Witness Profitability

As safety and comfort of passengers remain the prime focus of new or under-maintenance rolling stocks, their replacements are frequent as compared to other types of rolling stocks such as multiple units, locomotive and freight wagons. Passenger coach rolling stocks have been deemed as the most maintenance-intensive coach of the railway system as they are subjected to the highest utilization by multiple passengers.

Manufacturers in the rolling stocks market, particular passenger coach are set to witness profitability in the coming future by procuring steady and new tenders of passenger coach rolling stocks.

Rolling Stocks Becoming Prime Means of Transport De-carbonization

As Rail gains traction as a prime means of sustainable mobility in a bid to establish low-carbon railway transportation, there have been assertive project proposals to remove diesel trains from the railway transportation infrastructure. Additionally, proposals to connect other low-carbon transportation modes with railway such as bicycle sharing and facilities of their parking at railway stations are underway. European Commission has made greater strides in promoting de-carbonization of the transport sector to achieve greenhouse gas reduction goals. The RSSB announced funding competitions to support the government-led initiative of removal of diesel trains from Britain’s railway by 2040. India has also prioritized railway de-carbonization. To achieve the carbon emission reduction targets, projects to shift from diesel-powered rail network to electrified rail network is proposed wherein significant steps are underway in the same direction. With rolling stocks being the primary part of railway, promotion of railway transports in future will add profitability for rolling stock manufacturers.

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Rolling Stocks – Definition

In the rail transport industry, rolling stocks are vehicles in the form of locomotives, rail coaches, wagons and railroad cars. The rolling stocks can be powered or unpowered. Rolling stocks in the United States also include wheeled vehicles used on roadways for different business purposes.

Rolling Stocks Market – About the Report

Fact.MR has compiled a study on the rolling stocks market and published a report titled, “Rolling Stocks Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2018 to 2027.” The rolling stocks market report provides an in-depth analysis of all the vital facets of the rolling stocks market that hold a prominent influence on future growth. The report also covers a comprehensive analysis of associated industry assessment and competitive landscape in the rolling stocks market. 

Rolling Stocks Market Structure

The rolling stocks market report includes a section of the market structure that delivers information regarding the rolling stocks market segmentation. The market structure has been derived after an in-depth study of the rolling stocks market. Based on this, the rolling stocks market is segmented based on product type and application type.

global rolling stocks market taxonomy

The rolling stocks market is segmented based on product type and different product types of rolling stocks studied in the report are locomotive, passenger coach, multiple units and freight wagons.

Based on application, the rolling stocks market is segmented into passenger application and freight application. The rolling stocks market is also studied for key business regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan and Middle East and Africa (MEA). The regional analysis is backed by a thorough country-wise assessment of rolling stocks market in all regions.

Additional Questions Answered

In addition to the aforementioned insights, the rolling stocks market report covers all-inclusive information of the industry. The comprehensive analysis of the rolling stocks market can answer some of the important questions of the business professional interested in the rolling stocks market.

  • Which application of rolling stocks will be highly lucrative in 2019?
  • What will be the size of the rolling stocks market in terms of value and volume in 2019?
  • At what rate will the rolling stocks market grow in 2019 over 2019?
  • Which region represented leading installations of rolling stocks in 2018?
  • What will be the size of the rolling stocks market by the end of 2027?

Research Methodology

In the section of the research methodology, readers can find information regarding a robust research methodology used during the study of rolling stocks market. During the rolling stocks market study, the research approach taken includes an in-depth primary and secondary approaches.

rolling stocks market research methodology

The primary research approach taken during the rolling stocks market study covers exhaustive interviews with industry savants and discussions with domain-specific analysts. The secondary research of the rolling stocks market includes a thorough analysis of the industry database, published journal articles, company press releases and other credible sources.

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