Water PumpsMarket to Register Unwavering Growth During 2016 – 2024

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“Water Pumps Market: North & Latin America Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016 – 2024,” a newly published report by XploreMR for a projected period of eight years from 2016 to 2024, forecasts the performance of the water pumps market in North and Latin America. While considering the overall market approach, the major players in the market are focusing on product development in order to provide improved product life cycle with reduced operating costs as advocated by regional regulatory boards and also preferred by the end users.

According to XploreMR analysts, the North and Latin America water pumps market is characteristically moving towards vertical integration to facilitate the expansion of their sales and distribution footprint. Various acquisitions have been witnessed during the recent past and the same trend is expected to continue in the coming years with increasing profitabilit

y – a core strategy behind these acquisitions. XploreMR has differentiated key player strategies and focused on brownfield projects based on capacity expansion or up gradation of operating facilities that can provide high and stabilized sales to North and Latin America pump manufacturers.

According to this exclusive report on the water pumps market in North and Latin America, the maximum sales of small and medium capacity water pumps takes place through distributors and retailers. Expert analysts who have extensively worked on this report have come to a conclusion that by providing integrated offerings through a diverse range of products and developing a strong distribution and efficient after sales service network at regional and local levels can create significant opportunities for the growth of this market.

In order to gain competitive advantage, a strong focus has been given on life-cycle costs analysis, including reducing operating costs through energy-efficient solutions that are highly required for product differentiation.

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Citing of facts and information related to investment programs are provided to support the identified market dynamics in this report

Product-wise weighted Average Selling Price (ASP) has been considered to deduce market values. Average selling price varies by pump type and capacity and is varied for North and Latin America players. A top-down approach has been used to assess market numbers for each product category, while a bottom-up approach has been used to counter validate the market estimations. Factors such as GDP, oil and gas industry growth, mining growth, water and wastewater treatment market, energy and other miscellaneous industry growth have been considered while studying this market.

The report on the North and Latin America water pumps market commences with a market overview and provides key market definitions. The report also discusses market dynamics including market drivers, restraints, opportunities, trends and key regulations. Each of these dynamics have been represented in the individual regions of North and Latin America.

A qualitative analysis in the form of value and volume forecast for each segment, region and country in North and Latin America has been covered in this report that sets the forecast within the context of the North and Latin America water pumps market including new technological developments as well as product offerings for various applications across high efficiency water pump prototypes in the North and Latin America water pumps market.

A competitive landscape has been provided in the last section of the report to present a dashboard view of key players operating in the North and Latin America water pumps market. Detailed profiles of some of the manufacturers in the North and Latin America water pumps market have also been included within the scope of the report to estimate their long-term and short-term strategies, recent developments and offerings in the North and Latin America water pumps market.

Market segmentation

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By Product Type Centrifugal Pumps Single Stage Pumps Multi Stage Pumps Axial & Mixed Pumps Submersible Pumps Circulator Pumps Positive Displacement Pumps Reciprocating Pumps Rotary Pumps

By Application Centrifugal Pumps Domestic Agriculture & Irrigation Mining Water treatment Industrial Commercial Waste Water Treatment Effluent Treatment Sewage Treatment Oil & Gas Other Industrial Positive Displacement Pumps Oil & Gas Chemical Water & Wastewater Power Pulp & Paper Others

By Countries North America U.S Canada Latin America Argentina Brazil Mexico Rest of Latin America

By Type Small Medium High

Research methodology

Given the volatile nature of the global economy, the report not only conducts forecasts in terms of CAGR but also analyzes the market based on key parameters such as Y-o-Y (year-on-year) growth to interpret the predictability of the market as well as to identify the right opportunities for market players. Another key feature of this report is that it includes the analysis of all segments in terms of the absolute dollar.

Absolute dollar opportunity is crucial in evaluating the level of opportunity that providers can look to achieve. It also helps identify potential resources from a sales and delivery perspective in the North and Latin America water pumps market. Along with this, XploreMR analysts have also provided strategic recommendations and key success factors for new entrants in the North and Latin America Water Pumps market.

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